If you don’t know how to take care of Bellami hair extensions, then this post is for you. Congratulations if you’re one of the many people who have chosen to purchase Bellami hair extensions! You’ve made a wise decision. Bellami hair extensions are among the highest-quality hair extensions on the market, and they’re also not too difficult to maintain.

We’ll provide you with some advice in this article on how to take care of your brand-new Bellami hair extensions so that they last as long as possible.

How To Care For Your Bellami Human Hair Extension

How to Care for Your BELLAMI Human Hair Extension
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Use a gentle shampoo and warm water to wash your Bellami Hair Extensions, being careful not to scrape them too vigorously.

Rinse completely in cool water, and then dab any remaining moisture with a soft cloth (do not wring).

Your extensions can air dry overnight by being hung out on a drying rack or a shower rod.

For Bellami Extensions, The Best Shampoo

For Bellami extensions, the best shampoo
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If you own Bellami hair extensions, you are aware of how crucial good maintenance is. We’ll outline our top options for the finest shampoo for Bellami extensions in this blog post.

Throughout the years, we’ve experimented with many different shampoos, and we’ve discovered that some work better than others in maintaining the greatest possible appearance for our Bellami extensions. A soft, sulfate-free product that is especially made for extension-friendly hair care is currently our fave. It’s produced by Extended Care and is marketed through Amazon.

Natural components like keratin and argan oil are used in this shampoo’s formulation to nurture and shield your hair. Also, it is devoid of harsh chemicals and sulphates that might eventually harm your extensions. We adore how silky and healthy it makes our hair feel after each wash.

We strongly advise trying this shampoo if you’re seeking for a decent one for your Bellami Extensions.

How To Clean Sewn-in Hair Extensions

How to Clean Sewn-In Hair Extensions
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You might be wondering how to take care of Bellemi hair extensions correctly if you have them. Here are some pointers for washing sewed-in hair extensions: -To remove any tangles, begin by gently combing the extensions with a soft bristle brush.

Then, use tepid water to soak the extensions before applying a tiny amount of sulfate-free shampoo. Carefully work the shampoo into the hair’s roots. – After completely rinsing the shampoo from your hair, use a conditioner made specifically for color-treated hair.

Before completely rinsing it out, leave the conditioner in for 3-5 minutes. – Re-brush the extensions gently, then let them air dry or style them as usual.

Maintaining Hand Tied Extensions

Maintaining Hand Tied Extensions
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Congratulations if you’ve made the decision to get hand-tied extensions! They are a fantastic technique to lengthen and amplify your hair. To maintain their finest appearance, however, they need a little more maintenance, just like any hair extensions. Here are some pointers for maintaining hand-timed extensions:

1. Gently Brush Them.

You should use caution when brushing hand knotted extensions because they are more fragile than other types of extensions. Work your way up the wall starting at the bottom with a soft bristle brush.

2. Carefully Wash Them.

Use a gentle shampoo while cleaning hand-tied extensions and take care not to massage them too hard. Before lightly towel-drying the hair, carefully rinse it.

3. Whenever Feasible,


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let them dry by air. When possible, let hand-tied extensions air dry because heat might damage them.

4. Try To Limit The Use Of Hot Tools.

Ensure that hot tools are not set higher than 350 degrees Fahrenheit if you must use them.

5. Take Care Of Your Brand-new Hair!


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Avoid overusing hand tied extensions because they are sensitive. Avoid sleeping with wet hair and refrain from pulling or tugging it too much.Your natural hair is about to gain length, volume, or both. Yet, it’s crucial to understand how to properly care for hair extensions so that they last as long as possible before you make the commitment.

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How Are Bellami Extensions Kept Soft?

Never rub a towel dry; instead, gently pat it dry. (Don’t leave wrapped in a towel for too long). On the mid-lengths and ends, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil. Use a damp brush or a comb with wide teeth to comb through.

What’s The Recommended Frequency Of Washing Bellami Hair Extensions?

How often should my BELLAMIS be washed? Your BELLAMI Hair extensions should only be washed when it appears that they are in dire need. They do not receive the natural oils that our own hair does because they are not linked to the scalp. As a result, you don’t need to wash them as frequently as you wash your own hair.

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