When can lip color be applied directly from the container

Ingredients used in lip colors deliver color to the lips in a precise and regulated manner. Lip colors can serve multiple purposes, such as moisturizing or acting as sunscreen with SPF protection. The safety of a lip color product is determined by choosing chemicals that are suitable for the intended application. You can learn about makeup tips for different lip shapes and when can lip color be applied directly from the container in this post.

Makeup Tips According To Lip Shape

Makeup tips according to lip shape
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The makeup artist may first choose to use concealer or foundation and then set it with powder in a variety of corrective lip techniques to create a fresh palette on which to better define the lip form.

Full Lips:


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The makeup artist may also decide to use a neutral lip pencil and draw inside the lip lines to minimize the appearance of a full, symmetrical lip. In contrast, the makeup artist could decide to overdraw the lip lines with a neutral lip pencil to give the lips a fuller appearance. The lip will appear more pronounced when gloss or a vivid, highly saturated lip color is used.

Small Lips:

Using gloss effectively is essential for giving the appearance of a larger lip. The lip lines should first be drawn by the makeup artist using a natural-tone lip pencil, just outside of and wider than the natural lip lines until the appropriate fullness is achieved. Gloss is advised to accentuate the lip shape rather than deeply saturated color and hard lines.

Thin Lips:


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Similar to small lips, thin lips can be corrected by drawing just outside the upper and lower lip lines and adding gloss. The lip pencil should be used symmetrically and in the same shade as the lipstick. Red or light to medium lip cosmetics can give the appearance of having fuller lips.

Uneven Lips:

Correcting lips that are not symmetrical or even will be the most difficult. In this instance, the makeup artist might want to conceal the lips with foundation first before setting them with powder. Lip liner can be used to redraw the lips. The uneven side can first be corrected to match the other side by the artist, who will then need to create the opposite side to match the even side.

Downturned Lips:

The makeup artist should refrain from defining the lower lip’s outer corners firmly in order to “lift” the lips. The lip line can be drawn in as necessary, but it’s best to draw the lower lip line up and even concealer to attract less attention to the outer corners of the lower lip line.

Mature lips:

A cupid bow is drawn in the top center of the upper lip on mature lips using a lip pencil in a neutral tone. The bow’s peaks should be drawn with lines that naturally curve downward. To more clearly define the lower lip line, draw a natural curving line just beneath Cupid’s bow.

When Can Lip Color Be Applied Directly From The Container?

When can lip color be applied directly from the container
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Cream or gel lip colors can be used straight from the container. However, to ensure an even and precise application, lipstick should be applied using a lip brush. For the best level of control, use a doe-foot applicator while applying liquid lipstick.

Most people use their lipstick directly from the bullet without giving it a second thought, but did you know that depending on the product, there are various ways to apply lipstick? For instance, it’s ideal to use a brush to apply liquid lipstick straight to your lips while using that product. This will make sure that the application is even and stop any smudging.

However, if you’re using lipstick in a bullet form, you can either apply it straight from the bullet or, for a more accurate application, use a lip brush. In either case, exfoliate and moisturize your lips before using any sort of lip color!

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When the makeup artist is comfortable doing so, lip color can be applied straight from the container. If someone is uncomfortable applying the color that way, they should use a lip brush instead.

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