How To Sharpen La Colors Gel Lip Liner

How to sharpen la colors gel lip liner Although being plastic, the wood still cuts with a sharpening, so don’t worry. I just tried before. To create beautiful lines, the creamy substance goes on smoothly without dragging or skipping.

La Girl Endless Retractable Pencil For Lips Or Jordana Easyliner

La Girl Endless Retractable Pencil For Lips Or Jordana Easyliner
Source of Image: istockphoto

Make sure you’re not pressing too firmly on the lip liner as you’re sharpening it. The tip of you will break if you use too much effort. Sharpening La Girl Neon Eyeliner.

The soft plastic pencil is simple to sharpen, giving each application the “new pencil feeling.” After that, sharpen your lip liner by evenly moving against the blade while gently putting the liner into the sharpener’s hole. Your sharpener’s tip will become damaged if you apply too much pressure. When sharpening, don’t use excessive pressure.

Lip Liner In Rose From Coley Cosmetics

Lip liner in rose from Coley Cosmetics
Source of Image: istockphoto

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You’ll need a strong plastic sharpener with an extremely sharp blade because the case is plastic. If you see any, they’re likely from one of the several manufacturers that use this plastic case. From the inner to outer corner of the eyelid, draw a line.

How to sharpen la colors gel lip liner? Keeping the pencil close to the lash line, move it from the inner to the outside corner of the eye. How to sharpen your L. a. Colors giant eye pencils as demonstrated here.


Creamy Lip Liner In A Straight Line

Any common lip pencil sharpener will work to keep your liner precise. PAIR/LAYER: Combine with your preferred TLB Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, and Liquid Mattes.

Lip Liner By La Colors

To maintain the accuracy of your lip lines as it was the day you first opened it, simply sharpen the soft plastic pencil. Lips should be lined before applying your chosen lip color.

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