Don’t miss out on the most beautiful and secure soft locs hairstyles with color. The hairstyle relieves stress from your scalp while giving you a sexy, carefree bohemian vibe. Plaiting also doesn’t require much time. Compared to other faux locs, it takes half as long.

But with so many possibilities, it might be difficult to pick the finest manner to wear the hairstyle. For your benefit, we have created this tutorial. Choose the greatest hairstyle of soft locs for your upcoming look by reading on!

Soft Locs: What Are They?

Soft Locs What Are They

A type of artificial locs known as “soft locs” has a more relaxed appearance and feel. There are primarily two methods for achieving the hairdo. Before crocheting onto them, you can braid your natural hair into prepared locs that you purchase.

Second, you can wrap individual locs onto single-braided natural hair to create locs. Once more, they might be short or long. They range in length from 18 inches for the shortest to over 36 inches for the longest.

Hairstyle Of Soft Locs

Hairstyle of soft locs

1. Soft-loc Hairstyles Made Of Crochet

Choose this style if you want to rock locs but don’t have much time to spend at the salon.

We plait your natural hair first, and then crochet pre-made locs onto them. Although the final appearance is full, your scalp is not overworked.

2. Criss Cross Soft Locs

Even if you have locs, you shouldn’t be left behind since criss-cross is a popular haircut. You can wear the pattern with the front locs dangling and the rear strands free. The final stunning look is ideal for any occasion and avoids hair from getting in your face.

3. Soft Locs Hairstyles With Color


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Do you want to stray from the typical black locs? Add some color by using vibrant ones. You can use black alone or combine it with other colors of your choice. Any skin tone can benefit from black ombre.

4. Hairstyles For Short Soft Locs


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Short locs are a simple and attractive option for hairstyles. This hairstyle is popular among ladies since it is simple to style and can be worn in a variety of ways. You have a few styling options, including a bob, a bun, or leaving them hanging.

5. Long Hairstyles With Soft Locs

You have countless styling options with long locs. You can wear your hair completely down, fully up, in a ponytail, or half up.

Any style you choose will make you appear stunning. Of course, you can choose other colours, but black goes with everything.

6. Burgundy Soft Locs


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If you adore red but don’t want a striking hairstyle, pick this look. A cool color like burgundy inspires every face. For a broad look that can be dressed in several ways, choose longer and smaller strands. When not as busy, you can even split it in half and leave them hanging.

7. Soft Locs With Color Pops


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Even while black locs are gorgeous, a pop of color, like blonde, boosts your image. It makes your haircut and whole appearance more cheerful. Change your size and appearance, and see as people stare at you in astonishment.

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You have no excuse for not dressing nicely for your upcoming event. Try one of the many soft loc hairstyles to get noticed everywhere you go. Of course, you have to pick one based on the length and color you want. To acquire the best appearance ever, however, always be ready to spend more money on the best hairstylist.

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