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While you can’t know everything about your heart health without working with your doctor, there are a lot of things you can check at home to give you important information. As technology advances, it’s becoming even easier to find out about your heart health, too, which can help you work through small concerns and find out some answers before reaching out for medical care or support. Monitoring the health of your heart is a great way to catch early issues and get them treated, too.

Make Sure To Take Your Blood Pressure

One of the easiest ways to find out some good information about your heart health in the comfort of your home is to take your blood pressure. This isn’t the only piece of information you need to understand how well your heart is working, of course, but it’s one of the more important ones.

If you have a blood pressure reading that’s consistently high, you’ll want to talk to your doctor about ways to lower it. Everyone’s blood pressure changes throughout the day, but shouldn’t be high all the time.

Use A Fitness Tracker Or Smartwatch

Doctors like Ian Weisberg often recommend the use of a smartwatch or other fitness tracker to help you understand the health of your heart, too. These are becoming increasingly sophisticated now and can give you data about your heart rate, oxygen intake, and other specifics.

There are some disputes about accuracy, though, so keep in mind that the data they provide is a general baseline. Still, they can help you see if something’s changing, so you can ask your doctor about it.

Get An At-Home EKG

Dr. Ian Weisberg and others in the medical field also know that there are at-home EKG options that can be used with your smartphone. These are small pads that you place your fingers on, and they take an EKG right there.

Then, they can also be used to send the information to your doctor in order to help them keep track of how well your heart is doing. If there are abnormalities in your at-home EKG you may need one at your doctor’s office to rule out any issues.

Ask Your Doctor About Additional Options

Working with your doctor is one of the best ways to protect your heart and understand how healthy it is. Even though there are a lot of things you can do at home, you still need to make sure you’re working with a medical professional you can trust.

That’s because the help and support you need if you do have a problem with your heart should come from a professional with experience in that area. When you work with your doctor and also monitor your heart health at home, you get the best of both worlds for keeping yourself safe and protected.

There’s no reason to settle for less when technology provides so many great options to choose from anymore. Your heart health is important, and at-home monitoring can help you take better care of it.

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