summer style

Dressing for cold weather is a breeze with endless footwear options and layering possibilities. However, summer dressing poses challenges as wardrobe choices shrink with rising temperatures. Staying cool while looking stylish becomes a priority.

Mastering tried-and-tested warm-weather outfits ensures you never struggle with summer style. Whether it’s tackling office attire or choosing wedding guest attire, our ultimate summer outfit hitlist has you covered.

summer style

Shorts And Shirt

Although shorts aren’t typically part of formal attire, they can still be elevated. Avoid wearing them to high-profile events like those at Buckingham Palace, but a simple shorts-and-shirt ensemble works for most smart casual occasions during the summer.

Start with premium sneakers, preferably slip-ons for added flair. Choose jeans or dress shorts in neutral tones like beige or navy. Complete the look with a well-fitted shirt—solid colors or light pastels work best, or try a subtly patterned option like vertical stripes, which are both slimming and stylish.

Hot-Weather Layering

Achieve a dual-style effect by pairing a shirt with a tee, blending casual and smart effortlessly. This combo works wonders for warm weekends, especially when the shirt is short-sleeved and the tee is classic white cotton.

For the perfect look, stick to a laid-back vibe with your outfit. Jeans are a solid choice for bottoms; go for stonewash for a relaxed feel or raw denim for a sharper look. Finish off with white sneakers and embrace the ankle exposure.

Summertime Business Casual

You can maintain a polished summer look without sacrificing comfort. Despite common assumptions, it’s entirely achievable to appear well-groomed while embracing the season. Investing in a quality summer shoe is essential; consider a suede loafer paired with no-show socks and cropped trousers.

Don’t hesitate to bring out your white jeans or chinos for added flair. For your upper half, mix it up with a contrasting jacket layered over a polo shirt, high-quality tee, or similar relaxed attire.

White Shirt With Espadrilles

Summer footwear extends far beyond canvas sneakers! Espadrilles, often overlooked, are versatile with their cloth construction, effortlessly complementing various outfits. Opt for a laid-back white shirt and slim cotton pants for a holiday or lunch date ensemble this season, leaving the top button undone for a casual vibe!

Baseball Cap With Vest Or T-Shirt & Shorts

A timeless essential for any time of the year is the trusty baseball cap! Versatile and stylish, baseball caps effortlessly complement various casual outfits. Whether with a simple tee or tank, they always hit the mark. Opt for shorts instead of chinos for a breezier summer vibe. Top it off with shades, and you’re set!

Short Sleeved Shirts

These shirts remain a staple in men’s summer wardrobes, prized for their comfort and versatility, effortlessly transitioning from casual to formal with the right pairing. Whether adorned with prints for a festive affair or paired with trousers for a polished office look, they consistently exude style and ease.

Cuban Collars

For summer attire, the Cuban collar shirt is a timeless choice that exudes style. Pair it effortlessly with shorts, chinos, jeans, or opt for a more refined look with tailored drawstring trousers. Complete the ensemble with either sneakers or loafers for a versatile outfit that ensures comfort even in scorching temperatures.

Summer Tailoring

Summer offers various occasions to sport a suit, with weddings being a prominent example. Opt for a stone-colored suit with a relaxed fit and appealing silhouette, complemented by suede footwear, a crisp white shirt, and either a knitted or silk tie for a polished warm-weather ensemble.

Drawstring Shorts

Once you wear drawstring shorts, it’s hard to switch back. They’re incredibly comfortable, akin to pajama shorts, which is reason alone to try them out. Opt for a light cotton variant with a touch of stretch for optimum comfort in hot weather. Pair with a long sleeve tee and leather sneakers for maximum style and comfort.

Tonal Shades

If you’re feeling stuck, opt for one color scheme and embrace it fully. While navy is a safe bet, for a playful twist, consider sporting an all-green ensemble, like a knit polo paired with fitted shorts. Complete the outfit with a pop of contrast below, such as brown suede derbies, to avoid an overly coordinated look.

The summertime calls for breezy, cozy attire, perfect for loading up on tees, polos, and shorts. No matter your choice of summer ensemble, we wish you wear it with flair and wellness.

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