The dipped nail style, sometimes referred to as the SNS nail trend, swept the manicure industry! And for good reason: it’s an odorless, quick, healthier procedure that gives your nails a gorgeous appearance and lasts longer than traditional manicure techniques.

That’s why we hired a beauty team to learn more about what is SNS nails. We addressed every concern you might have regarding SNS nails, allowing you to decide whether to give them a try or not.

What Is SNS Nails?

What Is SNS Nails

SNS nails, also referred to as “dip powder manicures,” are formed of glue and powder, which together form a strong bond with your nails. Like OPI and Essie are brands of nail paint, SNS is actually a dip powder, which is how the technique acquired its name. It is available in a rainbow’s worth of colors, just like conventional or gel polishes.

It varies from a standard manicure, in any case, in that it doesn’t have the smell of acrylic that has come to be related to nail cleaning (you realize the one I’m discussing) and doesn’t need a light to fix the manner in which gels do. This makes it a decent option in comparison to the two choices, particularly for anybody who is worried about the possible risks of the UV lights used to dry different kinds of clean.

SNS Nails’ Benefits

SNS Nails' Benefits

Here are a few benefits that the SNS system provides over competing manicure techniques.

1: Quick And Simple Application Process

Applying SNS nails is so simple and quick that it just requires three steps. Additionally, there is significantly less drilling and the application of SNS nails is cleaner & more aesthetically pleasing.

2: THey Feel And Look Very Natural

SNS nails feel amazing and have a very natural appearance, which is a significant advantage. It feels lighter on your fingertips and doesn’t appear as artificial as acrylics.

3. SNS Nails Are Durable, Flexible, And Vitamin-Packed!

Despite feeling considerably lighter than acrylic nails, SNS nails are more durable. Additionally, the SNS powder contains vital vitamins and minerals.

These vitamins—Calcium, A, E, D, and B5—are proven to support the growth of strong, healthy nails. Your nails will be strengthened by these, ensuring that they won’t break easily.

4. It Is Safer Than GEL Or Shellac!

If you have ever had gel nails, you are aware of the UV nail lamp sitting procedure required for the adhesive to adhere to your nails. With SNS, there is no need for these dangerous ultraviolet lamps, so you won’t have to worry about early ageing, cancer, or other negative effects.

5. SNS Nails Dries Quickly!

Nobody like waiting around for their nails to dry, aside from the fact that UV lights are not required.

You’re probably used to using your tongue to swipe your iPhone instead of your nails since you don’t want to spoil that brand-new lacquer. That farce is over since SNS dries up fast!

6. Manicures For SNS Stop Stinking!

You read that right. The SNS application method is odorless, in contrast to other forms of nail paint and manicures that can contain a potent chemical smell that makes you want to pass out or vomit.

This is crucial if you are allergic to strong odors. The SNS movement recently was fueled by all these fantastic advantages, and it appears like everyone is making use of them!

How Is SNS Used On Your Nails?

How Is SNS Used On Your Nails

Instead of using multiple layers of gel, SNS nails use powder. Applying SNS nails is a fairly easy technique. Let’s deconstruct it:

Your nails are cleaned with a primer after being filed and shaped. The nail technician coats the nail plate with resin. Dip each nail into the colored powder, and then use a bonding liquid to set the color. To develop the necessary strength and structure, the procedure is done several times.

The glossy top coat completes the effect by adding shine and luster. The SNS application will take 45 to 1 hour to complete. Since SNS nails cannot be filled in, you will need to completely remove them and apply them again when they grow back.

How Are SNS Nails Removed?

How Are SNS Nails Removed

Follow these 3 methods to remove an SNS manicure:

  1. Take off your nails’ gel top coat.
  2. Soak your nails for five to ten minutes in acetone.
  3. Use a dry cloth to quickly wash the powder from your nails.

SNS nails are simple and quick to remove, but make sure you don’t skip step 2. Acetone will hasten the removal process and ensure that your nails are free of any remaining polish.

How Long SNS Nails Do Last?

How Long SNS Nails Do Last

According to Edwards, these dip powder manicures are comparable to gel in terms of durability because they can last up to two or three weeks without crumbling or fading. While the appropriate application can extend the life of SNS nails, Edwards advises staying away from activities that could cause them to chip too soon, such as performing any heavy labor (such as gardening, lifting, or housecleaning) without gloves. All you have to do to remove them is soak your nails in acetone for 15 to 20 minutes.

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Now you probably know what is SNS nails and the benefits of obtaining them. The manner in which women (and men) get their nails done has essentially been revolutionized by SNS. The SNS procedure is more effective, quicker, and healthier. SNS dipping powders allow for practically millions of different combinations and looks, so have fun!


Are SNS Nails Superior To Gel Nails?

Your nails get a little bit of added strength and length from SNS while yet feeling lightweight. It is thicker than gel polish but much thinner than acrylic. It’s a terrific method to strengthen your nails a little bit while still preserving a more “natural-looking” finish.

What Does SNS Full Set Mean?

In order to create a new nail solution that carries the greatest qualities of each, such as the light feeling of gel and the covering of powder, SNS, or Signature Nails Systems, blends elements from both gel and powder.

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