How to take out nose piercing with flat back

It is simple to put on or take out a nose stud with a flat back if you have had piercings for a while or are a beginner with nose studs. The pushpin and ring nose studs often feature a flat rear that prevents the stud from slipping off. So what if you’re still unsure of how to take out nose piercing with flat back? Let’s discuss the specifics!

Removing a flat-head nose stud to prevent it from moving or hurting your piercing, press the flat end with your finger. Once the pin is freed, firmly grasp the stud and pull it until it comes off. After reading the entire essay and paying attention, you gain more knowledge about nose piercing.

What Is Nose Piercing With Studs?

What Is Nose Piercing With Studs
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Anywhere in the outer nasal cartridge area, namely in the softer section of your nose, is appropriate for a nose piercing. Along the curve of the nose is where a standard nose piercing is placed. In comparison to lobes or just a basic helix piercing, it is a rather common piercing. They are currently being accepted into the workforce.

You can choose from a number of possibilities for a nose piercing, such as something quite delicate or even something very daring. High nostril piercings are another term for this.

Kinds Of Stud Nose

Kinds of stud nose
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It is the most popular style of nose ring used by piercers. They can be a little challenging to enter, particularly if you have long nails. They remain consistently and without dropping out of your nose.


This style of nose stud features a flat back and a pin. Its top piece is screwed on. Then, screw on the top after inserting that via the inside of your nose.

Nose Ring Of L-shaped

These are useful if you need to remove your nose ring for work after the healing period. However, due to their form, they frequently fall out of the nose.

Nose Ring Of Bend-to-fit

For people with thicker nostrils, they work great. This is the best option for you if a corkscrew or an L-shaped nose ring does not suit you. It has the appearance of a conventional earring but is longer and can be bent into an L shape to fit your nose.


You either like hoops or you don’t when it comes to them. It will take some time for it to adjust once it has it. There are various sorts of hoops, but whether you want a beaded, stone, or plain pair depends from your personal taste.


They function by using a straight pin with a ball at the end to keep it from poking out again.

How To Take Out A Nose Piercing With A Flat Back

How to take out a nose piercing with a flat back
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Push-pin nose studs can be difficult to remove and can irritate your piercing if you have them on for a long time. Follow these instructions to remove yours:

Step 1:

If your stud post seems slick, you can try wiping it down with a tissue or putting on a silicone glove to make it easier to grasp. First, move the stud tip so the stud post is away from the nasal wall and towards the interior of your nose.

Step 2:

Firmly grab the flat end with your thumb and index finger. Now, jiggle it a little to make the pin easier to remove. You might also attempt to twist it. Keep applying pressure as you continue to pull it outward. After some time, the pin will come loose from the stud post, allowing you to easily remove the stud.

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You’ve finally found all of the details you were looking for in this post if you were uncertain about your piercings or had second thoughts about changing one after reading this article in its entirety.


How Can A Flat Back Nose Piercing Be Removed At Home?

You should push with your finger to keep it in place when removing it from the non-flat end. The pin can then be removed from the hole by gently but firmly pulling on the other end with your other hand.

Can A Flat Back Be Used To Pierce Your Nose?

To begin a nose piercing, flat-back labrets or studs are the ideal type of jewelry.

Do Flat Back Piercings Require Screws?

Flat back threaded screw earrings have a top with a screw at the bottom. For a more secure fit, this screw fastens to the threaded labret backing. Be aware that as you wear the earrings, they may become looser.

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