What To Wear With A Suede Skirt

Suede is the material that is the perfect combination of soft and warm, and it’s exactly this quality that allows it to be worn and styled in different seasons and in various ways. Clothing made from suede, especially suede jackets and suede skirts, have been very much in trend nowadays.

From celebs to common people, everyone seems to have discovered a newfound fondness for suede clothing, and we’ve been seeing a whole new era of suede fashion setting into motion nowadays. Thanks to the absolute class and comfort provided by this wholesome material, we can see every reason for it to be incorporated into everyday fashion.

Talking of suede skirts, aren’t they just too cute and stylish? From parties to shopping to a casual meetup with friends, a suede skirt can be worn on any and every occasion with a bit of customisation in styling. If you have a suede skirt lying in your closet and you wish to bring it to perfect use, this article is just for you! Here are different ways to style a suede skirt:

1. Wear It With A Suede Jacket

Women love uniformity in everything, don’t we? I mean, we love experimenting and trying out new stuff but we all have a thing for uniformity and it reflects in our outfits. Maybe that’s why we love matching separates, no? Talking of matching separates, the combination of a suede skirt with a suede jacket for women is such a chic one! If the colour of the jacket and the skirt is the same, even better!

This combination will give you an effortlessly fashionable look. You don’t have a matching coloured jacket to pair up with the skirt? No issues! Just pair up your skirt with a different coloured jacket, and add a neutral coloured blouse/inner with the jacket to tone down the overall look. You’re all ready to shine!

2. Wear It With A Digital Printed/Graphic Tee

Digital printed/graphic tees have been dominating the fashion scene lately because of their super expressive and bold designs, which elevate every outfit they are paired up with. If you want to stand out wearing a suede skirt, you should definitely pair it up with a graphic tee.

This look would be perfect for casual occasions, including casual looks for going to college/university. It will give you the comfort that comes with wearing a tee while also adding a lot of style to your overall look (which all college/university going people desire). For an absolute standout look, consider wearing tees having artistic and pop-culture inspired designs.

3. Wear It With A Knitted Sweater

Suede skirts look and feel great in the fall season because of their unique softness, comfort and warmth. Turtlenecks and cable knit sweaters go perfectly well with suede skirts in the chilly fall season, creating a look that is equally fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Mini suede skirts especially look great with cable knit sweaters or basic coloured turtlenecks, and if coupled with laced boots, it makes a stunning and attractive outfit that never goes out of fashion. If you can get boots that match the colour of your sweater, for example black or brown, your outfit will look effortlessly amazing.

4. Wear It With A Tucked In Blouse

We did mention in the beginning that suede skirts can be worn in practically every occasion, including parties, depending on how you style them. So, if you wish to wear a suede skirt to a party, then there can’t be a better option than to pair it up with a blouse.

Depending on whether it’s a casual party with your friends or a more formal one with work mates, you can either pair up the skirt with a mute blouse or a statement blouse. All you need to do is choose a blouse that goes with your skirt, tuck it in nicely, and voila! You have a very feminine, chick, dressed-up look! You can complete the look by wearing matching sandals/heels.

5. Wear It With A Long Suede Coat

You thought you could only wear a long coat to feel protected and warm? Well, turns out you’re mistaken. You can very well make a coat into a statement piece if you pair it up with an appropriate clothing piece, i.e. a suede skirt! Just as you can wear a suede skirt with a suede jacket, you can wear it with a suede coat for a perfect winter outfit.

One such look would include a suede skirt worn with a plain/basic top coupled with a long skirt, and then finished off with long boots. You can choose to further elevate this look by adding a statement jewellery piece to it, such as a delicate necklace or a sparkly chain.

6. Wear It With A Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is the single most versatile clothing piece famous for its styling possibilities, innovative designs, and chic look. As you might have guessed already, a suede skirt will look absolutely amazing and chic with a bomber jacket.

You can wear a bomber jacket with a suede skirt throughout the year as bomber jackets are available in a variety of materials, ranging from light summery materials to heavy winter materials. A super stylish way to attain this combination is to wear the skirt with the same coloured top, jacket and boots.

7. Wear It With A Blazer

We have talked about pairing up a suede skirt with a jacket, a long coat, a sweater, so how can we miss out on blazers? Some people have a preference for blazers over jackets and coats, and for good reasons. A blazer gives a uniquely sophisticated, refined and stylish look, which jackets and coats sometimes lack.

With that said, if you wish to create a look incorporating a suede skirt for  events such as an official dinner where you wish to look sophisticated and refined, there’s no better option than to pair the skirt with a blazer.


All in all, there are a crazy number of possibilities to style a suede skirt. Whether you choose to style it with a jacket, a coat, a sweater, a blazer or a blouse, you’re sure to look absolutely amazing if you do it the right way (i.e follow our wholesome tips given above).

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