12 Famous Russian Fashion Blogger In New York


The fashion setting in New York City is known for its variousness and dynamic energy, alluring fashion fanatics and influencers worldwide. Russian style bloggers have particularly impacted many talented individuals, obtaining their unique fashions and viewpoints to the fashion capital.

This article presents a curated list of 12 popular Russian fashion bloggers based in New York that you should follow for eternal style motivation.

Who In New York Is The Best Russian Fashion Blogger?

Who in New York is the best Russian fashion blogger

Many Russian women who adore working with fashion and writing about fashion call New York, a thriving state in the United States, home.

Someone who wants to maintain up with the considerable current style trends is recommended to follow the Russian fashion blogger in New York. This fashionista always comprehends what’s in and out when it arrives to style and is not scared to try new items with her look.

12 Most Popular Russian Fashion Blogger In New York

12 Most Popular Russian fashion blogger In New York

Natasha Goldenberg:


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Known for her eclectic and vibrant style, Natasha Goldenberg blends bold patterns and textures to create captivating fashion ensembles. Her Instagram feed is a visual feast of fearless fashion choices for Russian fashion bloggers in new york.

Miroslava Duma:


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As a renowned entrepreneur and fashion influencer, Miroslava Duma’s style is elegant and sophisticated. Her impeccable fashion sense has garnered attention from top designers and fashion magazines worldwide.

Anya Ziourova:

Anya Ziourova is a central fashion director, Russian fashion blogger in new york, and stylist understood for her impeccable taste and elegant style. Her Instagram showcases a curated assemblage of fashion-forward looks and behind-the-scenes glances at the style world.

Elena Perminova:


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Elena Perminova’s style is characterized by high fashion and streetwear. Her Instagram account is a visual diary of her style adventures, featuring unique outfits and glimpses into her glamorous lifestyle.

Ulyana Sergeenko:

Ulyana Sergeenko is a renowned fashion Russian fashion blogger in new york and a fashion designer. Her Instagram feed exudes a nostalgic charm, with vintage-inspired outfits and a touch of Russian glamour.

Darya Kamalova:

Darya Kamalova, known as The Cab Look, has a distinctive style that effortlessly blends casual and chic elements. Her blog features a mix of travel, fashion, and lifestyle content, capturing her unique fashion journey.

Xenia Adonts:


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Xenia Adonts is a fashion blogger and model whose style is minimalism and sophistication. Her Instagram feed showcases sleek and polished outfits, inspiring the modern fashion enthusiast.

Anna Krukovskaya:

Anna Krukovskaya, also known as AKRU, is a fashion Russian fashion blogger in new york and a stylist experimenting with bold colors and unconventional fashion choices. Her blog features a mix of street-style inspiration and personal fashion stories.

Mary Orton:

Mary Orton, the face behind The Classy Cubicle, offers chic and polished outfit inspiration for working professionals. Her blog features elegant office wear and versatile fashion tips for the modern woman.

Daria Burkova:

Daria Burkova, known as DariaDaria, is a Russian-born fashion blogger based in New York. Her style is characterized by a mix of bohemian and urban influences, showcasing unique outfit combinations and lifestyle content.

Annabelle Fleur:


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Annabelle Fleur’s blog, Viva Luxury, offers a glimpse into her glamorous and feminine style. Her outfits feature elegant dresses, statement accessories, and luxurious details, capturing a sense of timeless elegance.

Nadya Hasan:


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Nadya Hasan is a fashion and lifestyle blogger whose style reflects classic and trendy fashion choices. Her blog features versatile outfit ideas and beauty tips, catering to a wide range of fashion enthusiasts.

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The influence of Russian fashion blogger in New York’s fashion scene must be considered. These 12 popular influencers bring a unique perspective and style to the forefront, inspiring fashion enthusiasts globally. Whether you’re looking for elegant and polished looks, bold and avant-garde fashion choices, or minimalist and chic outfits, following these Russian fashion bloggers will provide you with endless style inspiration. Stay updated with their blogs, and Instagram accounts to discover new trends and fashion tips.

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