It’s simple to get ready for a party or to display your fun personality by accessorizing your hair with various clips, hairstyles, and accessories. Particularly designed hair tinsel is weaved into your hair, typically in the form of extensions, to add glitz and shine to any standard style.

While hair tinsel was most popular in the 1990s and the first decade of the 2000s, many modern women are reviving the trend at raves, parties, and festivals. If you have thicker or curlier hair, using hair tinsel can be more challenging. Hair tinsel can also react differently to different haircuts.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to spice up your typical hairstyle with this interesting item. Here, you may find out everything there is to know about hair tinsel and can you put tinsel in curly hair.

Hair Tinsel: What Is It?

Hair Tinsel What Is It

A distinctive and eye-catching hairstyle, hair tinsel is frequently referred to as “fairy hair.” The current style involves adding tiny, glittery tinsel strands to the hair for a dimensional, sparkling look.

Tinsel’s shiny surface gives the hair a reflected glitter that can be a fun approach to give your hairstyles a fresh look. Although there are many colors of hair tinsel available, they are most frequently seen in vibrant or metallic tones that contrast with the colors of the hair.

If you don’t want to give your hair the contrast that metallic colors can bring, there are other choices for hair tinsel that are available in shades that match your natural hair color. Over the years, “fairy hair” has been donned by celebrities and on social media in both spectacular and understated ways.

In either case, the delicate, glittering strands will give your hair more structure and dimension so that it is noticeable enough without taking center stage.

Can You Put Tinsel In Curly Hair?

Can you put tinsel in curly hair

There are many different colors and lengths of hair tinsel, often known as unicorn hair, fairy extensions, or dazzling hair. You can opt for a single conventional color for your hair or add rainbow strands for more bling and beauty.

When compared to other kinds of hair extensions, permanent hair extensions offer a more long-lasting solution. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, hair tinsel is frequently far less expensive and may be knotted, taped, or clipped into your own hair for a more interesting and realistic effect. To make the extensions look natural on ladies with curly hair, they will need to be curled with rollers, tools, or heat.

Always check in advance to make sure the product can be heated without melting or becoming harmful to the skin. The tinsel should be treated or curled before installation by women with curly hair.

When using tape-on extensions gently raise one or two layers of hair and stick the tape to the scalp. Seal the area by pressing down firmly, and then cover with your hair. Make the tinsel blend in with your natural hair by weaving your fingers around the region a few times to give you a trendy, seamless look.

The same process is used to apply clip-on tinsel hair, which can be anchored at the roots or a little lower. Any clip-on hair extension has a tendency to appear bulkier than the more contemporary tape-in option.

The more typical method necessitates physically fastening the tinsel to your hair and can last for up to four to six weeks. It can require a great deal of time and work to do your own hair, so practice on your companions prior to endeavoring it all alone.

Make a loop at the top of some tinsel by folding it in half. Pull a few hair strands away from your head, and then wrap the tinsel around them while slipping the ends through the loop. As a result, a knot forms that you can slide towards your scalp.

Repeat the looping procedure to keep the strand in place, or use a square knot by tying the tinsel left over right, then right over left. You can keep doing this knotting technique until it’s secure if it keeps slipping down.

To help the tinsel stay in place longer when it is tied into your hair, avoid brushing too vigorously close to the scalp. For many hair types, hair tinsel requires little maintenance and blends in with your own hair for the duration of its use.

The Best Hair Tinsel Tips For Curly Hair

The Best Hair Tinsel Tips For Curly Hair

There are a few other recommended practices to follow when caring for your hair tinsel in addition to the extra style time required making it blend in with your curly locks.

If your natural curl pattern is not cohesive, using the style wand to curl your complete head of hair can help to produce a seamless and well-blended texture throughout. This is because the hair tinsel needs the help of a curling iron to give it a curly texture.

Curly hair is prone to easily getting tangled and needs to be handled gently to untangle it without losing large chunks of hair. It’s crucial to be gentle when brushing out any knots after applying hair tinsel to your curly strands and to use a detangling spray to assist in releasing the tangles first.

Although using a curling iron is necessary for applying hair tinsel to curly hair, it is better to use any heat styling tool on a lower heat level. Even though the hair strands are heat-resistant, using heat styling equipment on a lower setting will shield the delicate hair tinsel from any potential harm.

Before styling the hair tinsel to your chosen result, pay attention to the heat setting when using a flat iron or a curling iron. In order for the two textures to merge together, the hair tinsel can occasionally need to be curled with a curling wand before being put to the hair.

Depending on your particular curl pattern, applying the hair tinsel straight and then curling it may produce a less natural result than pre-curling the hair tinsel before applying. You might be able to consistently apply the hair tinsel and then curl your hair if it’s loose or wavey.

Additionally, the hair tinsel may lose its curl shape after a while in your hair. Similar to how ordinary curls might lose some of their curl between washing, hair tinsel curls can also sometimes lose some curl.

To keep the curls fresh and the strands in the desired style, frequent touch-ups with the curling wand may be necessary. It’s crucial to avoid being too hard on the scalp when shampooing your hair if it has hair tinsel in it.

Even though overly rigorous handling when washing your hair can lead to damage and more tangles, it can also cause hair tinsel extensions to loosen or fall out earlier than expected. Avoiding additional knots, which can also put stress on your hair, by being gentle when washing your curly hair with hair tinsel extensions.

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A fun and damage-free option to change up your hairstyle if you have wavy or curly locks is by adding some hair tinsel.

Hair tinsel gives your hair a shining, distinctive, and whimsical appeal that is only accentuated by its curling textures, whether you use an at-home kit or see a salon professional.

The payout will be dazzling, eye-catching strands that can accessorize your hair for several weeks, even though some heat styling may be necessary to maintain the hair tinsel looking consistent with the rest of your curls.


Does Straightened Hair Tinsel Melt?

Although tinsel may survive high temperatures in theory without melting, dry heat shouldn’t be applied to it. The tinsel will singe and become frizzy if you use hot appliances like straighteners and curling irons.

Is It Difficult To Get Hair Tinsel Out?

Hair tinsel removal can require some time and effort, but with the right hardware and technique, you can get the job done quickly and without really damaging your hair. You can ask the hairstylist if you’re unsure about doing it all alone.

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