The Haunting Reason Behind Halloween Costumes

Why Do Some People Wear Clothes Inside Out On Halloween? You have chosen your Halloween costume and have thought of the most unique outfit imaginable. Congrats! But do you even understand why you are dressing up in the first place, or why it is that we wear costumes on Halloween? Did not believe so. Don’t worry; I’ll explain everything.

Every year there is one less costume you can choose from unless you’re being lazy and recycling ideas, so you’ve definitely spent a good deal of time throughout your life considering what you want to be for Halloween, and you probably will in the future as well. So why not give the reason behind your costume some thought? It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

As the origins of Halloween can be traced to the Celtic people, we can now also thank the Irish for St. Patrick’s Day. It wasn’t until centuries later that it manifested itself in America after being later conquered by the British (since at the time, the British conquered everything). Learn about the origins of Halloween costumes for five minutes. You might be really surprised by some of it!

To “fit In” With Ghosts, The Celts Once Donned Costumes.

To fit in with ghosts, the Celts once donned costumes.
Source of Image: Pexels

The Samhain feast, which celebrated the conclusion of the Celtic harvest season and the start of their winter, is where Halloween’s history really began. The beginning of winter (Nov. 1) also came to be known as the day the dead would return to haunt the earth because it represented the “darker half” of the year. People would dress up in ghost costumes when leaving their homes in an effort to ‘fit in’ with the dead, in addition to leaving food and drinks on their doorsteps in an effort to appease the haunted spirits.

Poor People In Mediaeval Britain Would Dress Up And Perform In Exchange For Food And Alms.

mediaeval Britain would dress up and perform in exchange for food and alms.
Source of Image: Pexels

Young people used to dress up and perform at people’s doors in return for food or cash after Medieval Britain transformed the Samhain festival into All Saints Day. This practice, known as “guising,” was typically carried out by the underprivileged.

Poor People In Mediaeval Britain Would Dress Up And Perform In Exchange For Food And Alms.

You can thank Irish immigrants for all the fun you now have on October 31 because they brought Halloween traditions to America. However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that Halloween in America started to become heavily commercialized and a holiday that both adults and kids could enjoy.

Halloween costumes became a thing in America.
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What Does It Mean To Wear Clothing Backwards?

In order to promote awareness for suicide prevention awareness month, a charity for the prevention of suicide is advising people to dress in reverse.

Is It Fashionable To Wear Your Shirt Backwards?

It’s common to perceive wearing your clothes inside out as a mistake or a sign that your morning wasn’t great. Maybe it’s not necessary. One of the easiest and coolest fashion decisions you can make this summer is to turn the tags on your T-shirts out. T-shirts that appear to be inside out are intentionally made by companies like Fear of God and OAMC.

Who Wore Their Attire Backwards?

Kris Kross was Mr. Kelly, also known as “Mac Daddy,” and Chris Smith, also known as “Daddy Mac.” Rappers were infamous for dressing in reverse while rhyming.

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