Among young fashionistas who want to seem whimsical and fun, cartoon nails are one of the most famous nail art designs. You may transform your boring, casual nail paint into something lovely and cheerful by applying nail art cartoon designs on your nails.

Remember that wearing cartoon nail art designs doesn’t require you to be young. You could carry off these nail designs even though, deep down, you’re still young. Let’s honor the greatest heroes by drawing their images on our fingernails.

Nail Art Cartoon Ideas That Are Creative For 2023

Nail Art Cartoon Ideas That Are Creative For 2023

Here are some designs of cartoon nail art that are creative for 2023.

Designs For Nail Art By Tom And Jerry

Designs For Nail Art By Tom And Jerry

Isn’t that a funny and enjoyable cartoon? Everyone loves the amazing cartoon Tom and Jerry. This vibrant and eye-catching Tom and Jerry cartoon nail art design will look amazing on your nails as well.

Dee Dee


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Dee Dee from “Dexter’s Laboratory,” the well-known animated series! Though very mischievous, she is also Dexter’s adorable and charming sister. Dee Dee’s lively personality adds pleasure to this nail art design. As the foundation color, use blue nail polish. Red and white can be used to add the cartoon character’s face.

Mickey Mouse And Minnie


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Bravo! Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are two classic and adored cartoon characters. It’s very pretty to paint the famous features of Mickey and Minnie on your nails. In the nail’s center, draw two huge black circles and one tiny black circle. Use light colors for the background, such as white or baby pink, to keep it basic. For a contrast effect, add stripes in black or any other dark color.

Pink Panther

A beloved animated series recognized for its humor is Pink Panther! This beautiful nail art design is ideal for those who adore the most lovable panther in the world. Apply a gentle pink base coat on your nails to create this whimsical nail art. On the ring finger, use white nail paint to sketch the face of the Pink Panther. Lastly, the ideal nail polish color for mouth, nose, and eye design is black.

Spider-Man Nails

This cartoon nail art design will make your nails appear amazing. One of the most striking and revealing nail art ideas is the Spider-Man nail art design. With such cartoon nails, you will seem incredibly stylish and gorgeous.

Cartoon Powerpuff Girls

It appears that you enjoy Buttercup & Bubbles. Nail art inspired by Powerpuff Girls is the cutest thing ever! This cute pattern is too cute for girls to resist. Apply nail polish in light blue and pink to form Bubbles and Buttercup’s faces. Even more bright design elements can be added by including each Powerpuff Girl’s own bow. Use pink nail paint for this.

The Nightmare Before Christmas


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Do you enjoy scary animated films? If so, you really should try this spooky cartoon nail art. An animated film called The Nightmare before Christmas is well-known. You may wear this nail art on your nails from Halloween until Christmas. You would adore the unique nail art, which has a dark yet whimsical flair.

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Therefore, nail art cartoon design is for everyone, regardless of your taste for modern animated cartoons or old cartoon series. You now know how to make these adorable, little, and lovely nail art! These don’t require you to be an expert nail artist to try them out! Show off your creative side with your fingernails.

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