How to brush a wig without ruining it

Your hair will more or less experience the same issue whether it is natural hair or a wig: tangling. In this situation, you should use a comb to brush it and make an effort to untangle it. You might then wonder: How to brush a wig without ruining it? Let’s look at some helpful instructions and advice for brushing wigs in this article.

Let’s first explore the benefits of brushing your wig.
Whether you use synthetic or real hair wigs, maintaining your wigs is essential for maintaining a stunning appearance as well as comfort and confidence. After all, if improper maintenance is not practiced, both real hair and synthetic wigs will tangle.  Furthermore, small knots are much simpler to untie than large ones.

Reasons Why Wigs Become Tangled

Reasons why wigs become tangled
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Wigs have a lot more knots than your natural hair, therefore brushing them out is essential to keeping your wigs in good condition. There are several causes for the knot, some of which are listed below:


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Since your natural hair receives natural oil from your scalp to keep it moisturized and smooth, it is less likely to knot. Your human hair or synthetic wigs, in comparison, do not contain the necessary oils and are therefore more likely to become tangled.

Material Features

Material features
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The hair of synthetic wigs is constructed of fibers that are simpler to tangle than real hair, including polymer, acrylic, and plastic. Human hair wigs, however, can become damaged if exposed to chemical products.

Sweating And Rubbing

Sweating and rubbing
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These are some additional reasons why wigs can knot, particularly at the nape. A knot forms when the hair on your wig pushes against your neck and is exposed to sweat at that location.

How To Brush A Wig Without Ruining It

How to brush a wig without ruining it
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Step 1: Steadily Secure The Wig

The first step is to put your wig on the mannequin head and secure it there with a few t-pins.
Of course, if you’re in front of a mirror, you may also put the wig on your head and brush it as you go.

Step 2: Condition The Wig


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To make it easier to brush out, the wig should then be thoroughly treated with a premium wig conditioner.

Step 3: Section The Wig Off


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When working with small hair strands, section the wigs with your wide-tooth comb to prevent getting too frustrated. Use the clips to pin hair in the desired direction and out of the way.

Step 4: Brush The Wig

Working your way up from the bottom, gently comb the hair down with a wide-toothed comb. Once you have cleared your hair’s ends of tangles, you can move up a few inches and start combing down again to get rid of them.
Brush only one area at a time. While brushing your hair, kindly be delicate and wary to prevent tearing out the hair.

Step 5: Complete Brushing


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After brushing one section thoroughly, move on to the next. As you go, make sure to separate the brushed hair from the tangled hair. Take out the clasps whenever you’ve wrapped up with every one of the areas.

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How to brush a wig without ruining it? It’s never a waste to invest time and money in maintaining your wigs. Additionally, brushing wigs properly is one of the best ways to care for them and it also saves you money. So perhaps after reading this essay you now understand the ideal wig-brushing technique.


Does Brushing Wigs Damage Them?

When your wig is wet, it is most fragile and prone to damage; therefore, brushing it can permanently stretch and harm your wig. Make sure your wig is completely dry before brushing to prevent this. When brushing wigs, start at the bottom and work your way up.

Should You Brush Or Comb Your Wig?

Synthetic wigs work well with wig brushes, which are seen to be a superior styling tool to wig combs. You can gently untangle wig fibers and straighten them for a sleek, silky finish using a wig brush.

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